25 July 2007

Only One More Sleep

Its only one more sleep till the road trip. Went shopping today for a few last minute things, travel sickness thingy to put on my wrist, ear plugs for the girls in case I snore, and a trip to Darell Lea's for some choccy for the trip up there and there might be some left over for while we are there. Leanne has some pictures from last years classes so I am even more excited it looks like every one had a great time. My son is getting a bit ansy about me going "I don't want you to go on holidays" my daughter doesn't give two hoots "It will be fun with just Dad". I know we are going to have tears at school drop off tomorrow, might try a bribe (usually works lol).

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Gail said...

looking forward to the roadtrip also, and we will have lots of fun for 3 days!! see you in Loxton!