12 February 2008

Happy Birthday to Me Happy Birthday to Me

I turn 40 today in case you didn't know. Through the Passion 4 Primitive forum I am a member of I am in a birthday swap and here are all the lovely pressies I received. Most of them arrived yesterday and the poor postie had them all piled up and he managed not to drop one.
I went and did a little retail therepy this morning and got myself a new phone because my old one was running out of battery life and lasting only a day or two on charge and even less if I actually talk on it lol. My Dad dropped in and gave me a lovely watch and my sister sent me a recipe book.
Had lunch down at a local cafe on the beach with a girlfriend which was just devine.
I am going to get a Canon 40D but there is a bit of a hold up so my husband bought me a piece of Murano Glass Jewellery today.


Gail said...

Happy, happy Birthday!!!

Carol said...

Wishing you a very special 40th birthday! Loved seeing all of the pretties you received for your special day!

Leanne said...

Happy belated birthday I hope you had a wonderful day.