11 February 2008

One More Sleep

One more sleep and I move into decade no 4. I was think this morning this was the age my mother would never admit to. She was 39 until she died at 49 (and she use to get away with it lol), she would have hated having to say she was 50 anyway and probably would have said she was 49 well into her 60's. I don't really feel any different than I did when I was in my 20's though I am probably more confident and there are few more aches and pains now. But I don't think I will ever not admit to how old I am because it doesn't bother me.

Yesterday I did my first class at Hetties Patch fabulous workshop area and the bag was really fun to make. Might have to go shopping to make another bigger one for the Loxton trip which Gail assures me it isn't too early to count sleeps.

Got a delivery today that I have been waiting for from Wish Ware Beads, it is a bead kit in blue for a charm bracelet from one of the beading magazines. I am pretty sure I have the magazine somewhere might have to get out the pliers tonight and put it together

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