08 June 2008

Lesson 1 Embellish

Here is my first piece of embellishiment (that I am willing to show anyone
) did try a bit with some earthy tones it came out a bit yuck so I won't be posting any photos. At the end
of the lesson Dale has given us a challenge and I think I will be using it as the background. I am going to try for an underwater scene. Might be a bit ambitious I know, now I am going to do some bright fabrics to use as fish, well that is the plan anyway.

I have also posted a picture of my quilt which I made from Leannes block that we made at last years trip to Loxton. All that has been missing is the final border which I was a be nervous about putting on because of the mitred corners but it was relatively easy.


Gail said...

hope you bring the quilt to Loxton it is GORGEOUS!!!

Leanne said...

Well done on the quilt it looks great. Before long we will be back in Loxton.