10 July 2008

Ironing Avoidance...

Well it is school holidays and actually I am enjoying them, don't have to be anywhere in a hurry, except chess school for my son this morning, but otherwise pretty laid back. Took my daughter to the Central Market after dropping off my son and his mate at the chess centre and we had a lovely time taking in the smells, having a coffee (and hot chocolate for her), picking out some lovely fruit and veg and of course something special for morning tea.

On the weekend I attended a Mixed Media Play Day with Susan from Essential Textiles Art last class till she heads up to Brisbane to live. Played with a lot of mixed media bits a pieces and spent far to much money. Had a bit more of a play yesterday afternoon getting some stuff ready to make something for one of the birthday swaps I am in. Might have to get down to spotlight next week to find some texture plates to use with the paper clay I bought which is fabulous stuff the kids just can't wait to get their hands on it. So we might have to do that soon too.

It was another good week for the postie, Cloth Paper Scissors arrived as well as the 2nd season of Quilting Arts TV on DVD the first couple of episodes are fabulous and full of lots of inspiring stuff. As I said I am avoiding the ironing but really must get on with it soon, and also listen out for the postie because my requirements list for the Loxton trip is apparently on the way..... Where is that DVD might put it on and do some work for a change.

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