13 August 2008

Another Project Nearer to Completion

Here was the view from my front door this morning at 7am brrrrrrr... it wasn't much better at 8.30 and at 9.30 when I was driving through the Parklands on the way to work the soup was just as thick.

Blue sky's now though..

Last night I finished putting the borders on my version of Seasons by Gail.

I haven't finished the border stitchery will get to that this week but I am pretty happy with the result, though I am not happy with some of my thread colour selection should have gone for a few shades darker on some of the blocks so they stood out more but guess what I'm not unpicking I'll live with it.


paddysmum said...

your seasons quit looks so lovely Amanda...dont go unpicking anything!...Julie

On my Verandah. said...

Great pics taken, love your Quilt .

Sue said...

Howdy, Your Seasons looks absolutely fantastic!!!! Well Done!!! You can finish mine for me if you like! :) LOL. Cheers S

Gail said...

Did I tell you....I LOVE IT!!!!

Dannielle said...

Amanda the quilt is fantastic, you must take some closer pics to show the detail. I was very inspired when I saw it at Loxton. Dannielle