24 August 2008

Finished Another Birthday Swap

Friday I finished another birthday swap pressie and it is ready to post on Monday. Have taken a photo and will post it once Relle has opened it.

Went to the playground yesterday with the kids and I took my camera. Here is my favourite shot of the afternoon. My son was kicking the footy and every picture he was pulling a face so none of those were worth sharing but this one shot I was really happy with.
Might go to the Stamping and Scrapbooking Fair today, I need some stamp connections don't have any idea where to get stamps from in Adelaide and I want to for my mixed media collection. Have no money so won't be buying anything but will be scooping up business cards and ideas.


Sue said...

Great photo of the princess. See you are a good photographer!! Cheers S

Leanne said...

Great snap Amanda....the sun shone a bit on the weekend makes taking photos much nicer.

Lorraine said...

....saw the bit about the sun shining and knew it would be Leanne....she just can't wait for winter to be over!! great pic of the little one!!