08 August 2008

oooooh it hurts

I have had a bit of a stiff neck since the drive up to Loxton, my Chiropractor suggested that I have a massage to help it as my neck muscles were very tight and not allowing the adjustment to stay put. So I booked in for a massage after today's visit I am now reaping the reward. My neck was the least of my problems my hips were the worst so my the bottom of my back and the my neck and shoulders are now very tender. At least it only really hurts when I touch it...but it is still quite painful when that happens...and she said it will be worse tomorrow..oh what joy... Well I booked in for another round next Saturday so she can work a bit more of the knots out that's if I survive the weekend lol.


Lorraine said...

..so don't touch it! LOL - hope it all gets better soon.....how annoying for you! You probably need to take some time off work until it gets better????? trouble is you probably won't be doing any stitching either!! I feel your pain!!

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about your aches and pains - a massage is so lovely if it helps.....hope you get to sew some too soon........RELAXING is the key - maybe some more time away...LOl
Dawn x x