20 November 2008

Cyber Stitching Day 2 More Sleeps

I am currently waiting for a batch of cup cakes to cook so thought I would fill you in on the mayhem that will probably unfold tomorrow.  Teachers are on strike all day so I have the kids home on my day off,  fun .... not ..... and I am all booked in for a massage at 9am thank you for MIL's who are happy to look after them for a couple of hours while I do shopping and get relaxed lol ready for an afternoon of baking.

I inherited my Nana's Sunbeam Mixmaster, it is probably 50 years old and I am sure one day it will conk out here's hoping it won't be tomorrow lol.  I don't have any of the attachments just the beaters and 3 mixing bowls but it is just fantastic for mixing cakes.  Gets a little hot and bothered sometimes if the batter is a bit thick but it really is an old work horse.

Just checked the cakes and they look pretty good...nice big fat golden cupcakes.... ready for lemon curd and cream... girls are you feeling hungry.  Just to warn you my lemon curd cupcakes are legendary.  I use to take them to the playgroup christmas party and they were always reserved for the mum's and I never had left overs.  The Lime and Passionfruit Syrup cake came a close second so save room for that as well.


Lorraine said...

I won't be eating before I get there LOL......I have my Nana's Sunbeam Mixmaster as well...I use it all the time and love it.....I have the blender and juicer that go with it and the juicer is awesome!! ....it brings back memories of when I was little and Mum had a mixer the same as this one...and was always baking something! Looking forward to catching up on Saturday....Rhi is moving house but unfortunately I can't help as I have plans...phew!!

Sue said...

Oh Yummy Im definately up for a lemon curd cup cake its been a while since you have baked them for your friends??!! Looking forward to Saturday. Still havent decided which project to start on first. Will have to decide tomorrow and get traced so I can start straight away. See You Saturday. Thanks for hosting!!!
Cheers S

Lynda said...

Hope you and your friends have a great day tomorrow. Will have to try cup cakes with lemon curd - sounds delicious.

Gail said...

Hope all you girls have a great day, you all need to eat one lemon cupcake for me!!!! Well done on the little black dress and the 2 pairs of shoes!!!!!