23 December 2008

Every year I like to buy flowers at Christmas. Here is this years bunch. I did spied some yummy bright red Kangaroo Paws in a white vase at the local florist but I resisted, if I was have Christmas dinner at my place I would have splurged because they were gorgeous but I couldn't justify them if I would be the only one to appreciate them. Christmas this year is going to be a hot one and we wish we were having it because at least the kids could have had a swim in the afternoon....oh well maybe next year.

I have a week and a bit off starting tomorrow, the boss says we can knock off early and go to the pub for lunch and who am I to argue (wonder if he is paying lol).


Dasha said...
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Lorraine said...

Hope you have a great Christmas Amanda.....I am ready I think...presents are even wrapped and I am usually doing those at the last minute...I don't think I have forgotten anyone..LOL

Sue said...

Enjoy the pub!!! Yeah hope the boss is paying :) Enjoy your break. Hope its warm so you can go swimming ... but not too warm for me!! Have a nice day. Catch you soon. Cheers S
ps how cute does your little princess look in her gorgeous dress!! Well done on getting it finished.