19 December 2008

Whirl Wind Trip To Melbourne

I didn't realise how small Adelaide is until I saw a tiny tiny bit of Melbourne.  That said I had a great time.  Didn't really see much apart from the Airport, the Freeway and the Crown Casino.   I was worried about getting a dodgy taxi driver but I was lucky on my way from the Airport and the one back wasn't too bad though I looked at my receipt and there are a couple of charges on there that I don't understand (maybe they are airport fees grrrr) luckily the company is paying for it.

Food was fabulous and the wine and champagne was very nice and I really wished that they had organised an overnight stay instead of sending me home early because they were still partying when I left, but I was very very very tired by the time I crawled into bed at 11 it had been a very long day and I am very sluggish today.  

Just wish I had my camera because the view over Adelaide on the way out was magnificent and I really wanted to take a photo.

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Leanne said...

Don't you just hate it when you miss a good photo opportunity.