25 January 2009

Swaps and such and the end of the holidays

It is amazing the difference a day makes.  Yesterday when I went for my morning walk it was windy and blustery down by the beach..... Today it was a beautiful calm day, the tide was in and the waves were gently lapping on the beach very soothing.  I was a lot earlier than I normally am and there were horses being put through there paces along the beach and I saw a family of bunnies in the dunes (which is probably not a good thing for the dunes obviously the calicy virus isn't working any more).  

Last night I finished my ornies for the Valentine Swap (well all except mine which I was waiting on a delivery which came friday have to finish some painting and put it together).  I finished the last one and sort of felt a bit strange because this has been without the usual stress of a swap, probably because I only had to make 5 instead of the doz + that is usually involved.    Must say I am really pleased with the results.  I also made one for my daughter (I modified it a bit because the real ones involve glass and glass glitter and I thought that might be a bit too tempting for a 6 year old). She was desperate to do some painting too so I let her paint some of the components and put it together for her last night.  Each of the ornies has the girls initials on it but she wanted me to put POS on her's (Pos or Possum is what her Dad calls her).

Another thing my daughter has been desperate about is having her ears pierced.  I have told her it hurts and have tried to put her off but she was adamant she wanted them done for her birthday (28 January).  My hairdresser said bring her in we will show her the gun and that usually puts them off.  Did that she still wanted them done so booked them in she picked out the earrings (silver with sapphires).  For kids they have two guns and two girls do it both at the same time and she sat there and didn't flinch at all, she just went really quiet.   The hairdresser told her she could cry she just shook her head.   I paid we left and she promptly told me as we walked down the street ...."Mum that didn't hurt at all".

Two more sleeps and the kids are back to school, I think they are ready I know I am lol.

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