10 February 2009

Welcome Relief

We have a break from the heat at least for a few days.   Many of you would have either seen or read about the awful events that have happened in Victoria.  South Australia was spared these events this time but we are being told that a large fire event is inevitable due to the ongoing drought and the amount of fuel (trees and undergrowth) in the Adelaide Hills.   I remember the Ash Wednesday fires that hit both SA and Victoria and standing out at the back fence when I was maybe 12 or 13 and seeing the fire on the hills face burning into the night (we lived at the time close to the foothills) this they said was the worse ever loss of life and property that has all changed now for ever.  Our thoughts are with them in this time of loss.

We had the same hot weather on Saturday but we got the cool change a lot earlier than they did so by Sunday it had cooled right down here we are taking a walk down the windswept beach (unlike Saturday when there were hundreds down here we had the beach to ourselves) and we needed jackets.

I finally finished a couple of pincushions on the weekend I think the deadline that Sarah gave us was the 12th (my birthday)  so here is the finished product.



Rustic Tarts said...

Yes the fires bring you down to earth with a thud don't they?
The kids look happy down at the beach, that is my favourite time to go....when there is no-one else there!
Your pincushions look just perfect are you sure you didn't miss a stitch anywhere...lol?

Leanne said...

It's embarrassing to say we are cold. Well done on the pin cushions I haven't made one yet.