16 March 2009

Shopping Minus Kids

I have been needing to go bra shopping for months and have tried on various occasions with no luck what with breast reduction surgery and losing weight I just couldn't go and pick something and it be right. I think I have been out 4 or 5 times over the last few months with disappointing results. I knew that I had to get into DJ's in town and have a proper fitting and that would mean that the kids couldn't come (what joy) and I could not be rushed. So DH and I headed for town on Sunday early to get a 20c park and 3 blissful hours without the rugrats.

The bargain shopper in me had to go to Harris scarfes first and after trying on 7 pairs I gave up in disgust and we headed to DJ's. Didn't have to wait was measured and tried on 3 pair 2 of which were perfect straight off and out I went with 3 new pairs don't ask how much though haven't spent that much on bra's since the breast reduction but they are comfy.

While we were in the mall there was lots of entertainment thanks to the Fringe.


Erika said...

I am glad this time you had a better expirience. It is hard sometimes to make the sacrifice and spend more than what we want but in the bra's case I agree a 100% or regret it for years.

Gail said...

Hi Amanda, great shops you say...tell me where as I am coming over for Inspired Stitches and plan to go shopping on Sat!!!! see you then!

Pat said...

I'm glad your shopping trip was a success. Now...let me ask you about that first photograph. Is that a REAL dog by that man??? It looks very strange....so I'm wondering about it. LOL