29 October 2009

We Survived

Sports day that is. As mentioned yesterday I have had a bit of a tummy upset so today was always going to be a trial. Being on a low/no carb diet it has taken me a couple of days to let it go and just try and eat some dry bickies I have been trying to just do a bit of protein and of course that doesn't work. Last night had some dry bickies with a bit of vegemite and I started to feel human. Today it was water water water, dry bickies, a couple of ice blocks and some lemonade and I managed to stay for the whole day.

It was very hot, especially when we haven't as yet had many hot days so everyone isn't use to it. Both my kids were in their years relay and they ran really well. There was of course plenty of fun activities like the egg (golf ball) and spoon race and rob the nest.

The teachers were great at making sure everyone stayed hydrated and it all ran pretty well this year and they managed to finish a little early yeah. Cold showers all round.

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