27 November 2009


On what to do for teacher pressies. The quilting girls are all worked out but I wasn't sure about the Teacher's stuff. My son wants to make cookies which we make every year but what to put them in. Then the other day I got Natalie's Raspberry Cream from Hetties and thought that Rudolf would be perfect for the front of the bag. So last night I ironed on 3 copies (one for the quilt) of the transfer to crisp white fabric and started stitching ready for Cookie Sacks.

Did I buy the cute little sewing machine? OOOOH yes it is so darn cute, tiny little thing I am sure my daughter will love it.... My son will want one too but I have promised him he can use it too. It is very basic but just the thing for starting out without having to out lay much money. There are a couple of books from the girls from Possibilities about Machine Sewing for Children so I think I might add these to the parcel as well and some sewing notions.

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