22 March 2010

Mini Break

In the words of Bridget Jones we went on a Mini Break on the weekend.  The kids and we got Friday off and headed off for a little holiday to Normanville, which is down the coast from Adelaide.  The beaches aren't really great for swimming too much seaweed ... yuck... and too many rocks.  But it was a little adventure for the kids and we went fishing which was fun but DH kept wanting to wrap it up which was very annoying ... yes everyone I am the fisherman in the family not him.

Squid had never been fishing so we got her a new rod just before we went and I got a new one as well.... just because....maestro had already been fishing with grandpa before but he said that he would let him do anything so fishing with me was better and I know how to catch fish better than grandpa.  We caught a few fish but only a couple legal size.  I think the last time I went fishing was just after my son was born so it has been a while and I have forgotten how much I actually enjoy it.

Apparently I don't get in enough photo's so here I am with squid.

The coast is very spectacular and so are the rock formations.


Rustic Tarts said...

I love it down there too - Carrickalinga is my most favourite place in SA.

Leanne said...

I love it down that way. Nothing like a mini break.

Sue said...

Looks like a lot of fun ... plenty of places to explore and treasures to be found. My mini break at Victor was fab as well. As you know the weather was perfect for a seaside retreat!! Cheers S