14 May 2010

Dye Prep

I am doing a little dye workshop with a couple of friends on the weekend.  Here are my bundles of predyed fabric and prepared skeins of various types of thread to try to varigate.  I was hoping to have a cone of white DMC stranded cotton but it hasn't arrived yet so we will have to try that another day.  But I think we have enough to play with.  I have worked out the correct temperature for the wax to melt and be hot enough to form a seal on the fabric so hopefully some time in the next week or so I will have the results to show you.

Just read about another technique that would have been fantastic to try but will need to get some plexi templates to do that, but it looks pretty cool and there is no messing with hot wax which will be a bonus.  Maybe next time.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your dyed fabrics look lovely Amanda! Can't wait to see your dyed threads. Have fun ;-)

Sue said...

Have fun ... dont get dirty. Hope you have gloves and a pinny!!! Cant wait to see the results. Cheers S