05 May 2010

Life is Beautiful

I didn't want to do this quilt until I saw Sarah's Pink and Lime version.  Then at Inspired Stitches I saw the Blush version which I fell in love with.  I also fell in love with the piece of fabric in the bottom right corner of the picture and had to have some.  Natalie Ross used it in her Offering for the Bagalicious Club.  So I did some surfing and found a couple of pieces on etsy and they were on sale (bargain).  With that in mind I found the cherries and a couple of other bits and pieces from my stash and my version is going to be light blue pink and white.  I am sure I have a few more bits a pieces in the stash to go with these lovely morsels.  Now I just have to find a minute or two too start.

I have some stranded cotton on order ready to dye so I might just have to dye my own threads for this project just to make it extra special.


Dawn said...

Your quilt version will look gorgeous with those chosen colors... and to dye your own threads... amazing... sure will be extra special... good on you!
Hugs Dawn x x x

Karen said...

I think i've sorted that no reply business out Amanda.
cheers Karen.

Sue said...

Very nice!! As per usual Amanda is going to be a little different!! lol I have started on the stitcheries of mine using the Cottage garden threads and they are looking fab, I am going to use Rural Jardin fabric ... yet another long term project I feel!!! lol Cheers S

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Amanda,

i must admit QFD's version of that quilt have sorely tempted me too...
I'm sure yours will look great. i always love seeing quilts in a diffrent colourway...it can make all the difference.
Hugs, Sharon