09 May 2010

Something I've been meaning to do

I have been asked to do a pattern for the water bottle holder which I made for Leanne and a couple of the girls at Christmas for some time.  First step is to make myself one.  So here is mine.  I'll hopefully get the pattern written up in the next few days.  It is super easy and super quick to make will fit those lovely metal water bottles to stop the condensation going through your stuff and keep's your water cooler for that little bit longer. Will double up as a wine holder if you want, but as I don't drink wine that use is lost on me.  

I think I will put in a another option for a smaller bottle.


Leanne said...

You know I love mine someone at the gym asked me to make one for them after seeing mine.

Suedio said...

I really like this (and am really loving Rural Jardin fabrics at the moment, too!) - such a nice "lady" touch to an everyday drink bottle.

Regards, Sue