24 June 2010

Creative Space - Bright Star

I got back to Bee Inspired last night and managed to do a lot more today, my neck is a little stiff now however.  It is still a long way to getting finished but I have made lots of inroads today.  While I was stitching and the reason I managed not to do as much as I could have was that I was watching Bright Star and I kept looking at the dvd instead of stitching probably not the best choice for background noise.  Maybe I’ll do a bit more tonight and tomorrow night and who knows it may be nearly finished soon. 

Back to Bright Star, I loved the movie and have been waiting quite a few months to see it.  I could have gone with a group back in February but I really wasn’t feeling on top of the world emotionally after the big H and I kind of made the decision that I needed to be in a good place to see it as I would be sobbing at the end (which I was today) and I did want to stop sobbing at some point.  I think I will have to buy the DVD and add it to my collection of “Mr Darcy Films” as my husband classes them.  He is really looking forward to the new Charles Dickens series that starts this Sunday and goes for 7 whole weeks NOT.


Karen said...

Mr Darcy rocks, Mr Dickens SUCKS!!!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Have to say I like historical romancey /Mr Darcy sort of films.

I'm also pretty much in awe of the small piece of that quilt I can see- it's stunning.