11 June 2010

Christmas in July Progress

I am sure that you have heard about Christmas in July from this post and a bit more here on QFD Creative.  Have you joined yet make sure you head on over here to sign up so you can get your hands on all the lovely exclusive projects.   Natalie Lymer blogged a sneak peak at her project yesterday, and I have been stitching away and here is my sneak peak I have another two project in the pipeline.  I must admit I have enjoyed paying around with this theme.

My hubby had the day off yesterday and I said that I wanted to sew in the morning and then we could go out for lunch, just the local pub nothing special then we headed to the shops and I bought a new Slow Cooker.  The one that I have had and used for years was in fact my mother's and she has been gone nearly 20 years so it was pretty old and it was pretty tired.  DJ's had a nice big one on special so I thought I would give it a go.  I have got out the old Magaret Fulton Crockpot Cookbook (also my mum's) from the 70's.  It is really cold here at the moment and with a long weekend I feel the need for comfort food.  Going to try a leg of lamb and maybe some soup.


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Lamb done in the slow cooker totally rocks. Enjoy your new purchase.

P.S. I hope you managed to thaw out after your frosty morning.

Leanne said...

Looking forward to hearing about the lamb

Kris said...

My daughter got a new slow cooker recently and a lamb roast was one of her first meals. It was sooooo delicious! Enjoy!

Vivi said...

Love the colours; your work is stunning missy!

Susan said...

Slow Cookers are great - only last year I replaced my 70s version - only becasue it didn't have a removeable bowl and it was a bit hard to clean. But if your margaret fulton crock pot cookbook is the same as mine - you will do very well! enjoy it!
I am enjoying the sneak peeks!