16 June 2010

Looong Weekend

I don't work Tuesday's so I had an extra long weekend, which was kinda nice, would have preferred to go to sewing yesterday but instead did grocery shopping and housework yuck... and a tincey bit of sewing in the afternoon.   Over the weekend my son embarked on this masterpiece.  The big roll of paper that we bought at Ikea a couple of years ago has come to an end and he had to use the whole big piece.  Now we are searching for a spot to put it.  His first thought was on my feature wall in the lounge room, I quickly suggested somewhere else.

Last night I started work on my June project for QFD and it will go perfectly with the sewing box of last month.  Looking forward to the end of June when all the sewing deadlines have been met and I can go back to quilting my quilt and maybe do some sewing for me and a new ballet bag for Squid.

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clare's craftroom said...

Well that picture won't fit on the fridge , lol ! It is a lovely picture though .