05 September 2010

Wild and Wet

It has been a very wild and wet weekend here in Adelaide.  The Royal Show organisers are probably lamenting the weather which will effect their bottom line.  Well we will be going on Thursday and I am sure my husband will make sure that we make up for all the money they lost because the kids can't live without 5 showbags each and go on at least 5 rides.  Wonder if he will let me go through the handicraft hall instead of heading to side show alley and I'll meet them later on (fingers crossed).

Today I put the binding on PP2 of course as usual I refer to Rita's binding tutorial for getting the ends joined.  I have been quilting for 15 plus years and get dyslexic when it comes to the final bit of binding but I find Rita' tutorial the best and easiest to follow for mitering the final join.  So I take the laptop out to the sewing room have the couple of pictures that I need on the screen and it works everytime perfect flat join that you can't tell where it starts and finished.   More hand sewing tonight in front of Midsomer Murders I think.  


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Lets hope the weather is better by Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!

You could always get "lost" in the handicraft pavillion if all else fails.

Bellgirl said...

The quilt looks wonderful! I'm hoping to sew in front of Misdsomer Murders too ;) Finished binding my latest quilt last night so I'll have to find a new hand-sewing project!

Kris said...

Ha! Snap! Watching Midsomer Murders right now. However, not sewing!

Jill said...

Would have been watching Midsomer Murders except we had 4 hours of Moto GP to see instead! I'm with you - I have to get the tutorial out every time to finish off the binding join - my brain just doesn't want to store it!