14 November 2010

Christmas Pageant

It's that time of year again.  The last few years have been megga hot, we didn't go last year as the forecast was for 40 degree and I didn't fancy walking through the city with two hot and bothered kids.   This year is was a cool 17 yesterday with chance of rain, so we packed our spray jackets and headed off to the train.  As our train is an offshoot of a bigger line we get the dregs so there was only a train every hour on our line and they only sent 2 carriages.   We got on at early at our stop and took the next stop to down to Grange which was a good thing as the train filled up completely at the Grange stop.  So with a gazzilion kids and prams, and scooters, and deck chairs all loaded we made our sardine packed way to the city.  As we got on early we were able to take the booth next to the drivers access which meant that we were very comfortable as 4 prams (not to mention the folded out deck chair that one parent let their kid sit on in the standing area as well as their folded out scooters.... some people are idiots) stopped anyone else coming up to join us.

Once we got to the city we headed with the thousands to my husbands work and again we had our vantage point to ourselves.  With the overcast conditions at least this time this time it was comfortable and we didn't have the sun in our eyes.

As you can see we have a pretty good view and if the kids want to see something up close we just go down the lifts and walk out onto the street.  

Here is either Nipper or Nimble can't remember which but every little girl in Adelaide, would love the chance to ride the pageant on either of these two horses.

A new cupcake float which was pretty cool.  

And of course this heralds the arrival of the big fella himself.  

And it is all over for another year.

The Train station on the way back was a bit of a nightmare with our lines being swapped at the last minute meaning we had to run from one side of the train station to the other to get the only train for an hour.  And as we got home the rain started down... fantastic timing.


Lorraine said...

The weather was much better this year...I remember how hot it was last year....would be nice to see a little bit of sunshine this weekend though! Never satisfied! LOL I usually start thinking about decorating for Christmas once "he" has arrived with the pageant...but this year....nah.....not yet...maybe later!

Mrs A said...

wow they are early down there, very colourful too! which reminds me that i have to get the tree out and ready!

Kris said...

What a view! Four of my kids went, but as 2 of them are actually adults I didn't have to go with them. (Phew!) We put our Christmas tree up last night in keeping with our tradition so it is starting to feel Christmassy here.

Hey! We were out on Friday night and saw a house on Tapley's Hill Rd (near Glenelg) bedecked with switched on lights the day before the pageant! They were early!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Great vantage point Amanda!

I missed the pageant this year because we no longer have kids in the house. Sounds like your young people enjoyed it.

Arent the crowds mad though?

My tree will not be going up for another three weeks. That's way soon enough!

Leanne said...

What a good mother you are.