23 March 2011

15 Minute Challenge 22/3 update

Sorry girls little late on the update.  Last night I was busy purchasing a puppy.

Here is my update, this week I romped it in.

15/3 - 2 hours stitching at sewing class
16/3 - 2 hours stitching and bitching with quilt group
17/3 - 1 hour working on QFD project
18/3 - 1 hour working on QFD project
19/3 - 10am - 4pm Workshop with Rosalie and Mellie at Country Hart
20/3 - 9am - 3pm Workshop with Rosalie and Mellie at Country Hart
21/3 - 1 hour working on QFD Project

Check out who else is doing the challenge at Life in Pieces.


Shay said...

Yes...sure Amanada...just casually slip the puppy reference in there and then dont enlighten us further. What about a post about this latest development at your place ?

Now onto your progress . You win. That's a pretty amazing looking week.

Kate said...

Way more than 15 minutes and it all sounds like great fun. Like after fabric acquistion, you have to post pictures of the puppy acquistion!

Thea said...

Agreed on the puppy acquisition. Pictures, please.

Sara said...

A puppy, a puppy, a puppy!

I want a puppy.

Kris said...

Nice. Sounds like a pretty good week!

P. said...

Holy cow, that's enough 15-minute segments to last a few months! Good for you!