11 March 2011

Favourite Things Friday - Pat Sloan

Many years ago when I first started to quilt, I was sitting at Quilters Circle which was at my then local patchwork shop and one of the ladies was in a swap with an American Quilter called Pat Sloan.  She bought in a quilt she had made from one of Pat's Patterns and that was it I was hooked I had to have that pattern it was MaMa's Garden (my version right).  So I did some research on the internet, which at that time wasn't full of blogs etc but Pat had a website and a yahoo group which I joined.

Now Pat is very computer savvy and she has always had a huge online presence she now runs a forum, which sadly I don't get to very often there is just not enough hours in the day, but that doesn't stop Pat where she visits everyday to check in on the community.  She not only has the forum but also a blog which she updates every day (even when she is away) and now a Podcast, which is absolutely amazing with diverse guests who will get your creativity up and going (this week she talked to Sue Spargo can't wait to get around to listening to that one) and she is on Facebook.  And still has enough time to write books, design fabric and patterns and makes quilts.  I am sure the woman does not sleep.  She is a wonderful Quilting resource and very giving of her time.

This bed quilt is a Pat's first BOM.  This was her second whoops haven't finished that one (I did make the shop sample as well so I should be forgiven for that.  And here are  a few blocks from another quilt that I haven't finished either it's on the gunna pile.

This one is finished.
And this one is finished and the kids use it every day.

Another MaMa's Garden must quilt this one one day.

And this one has been hanging in my sewing room for years (sorry about the photo) another finish.

As you can see I am a Pat Sloan groupie or as we are known "Sloanie"


Shay said...

I've heard of Pat Sloan (I dont think you can be a quilter and not have tripped across her name somewhere !)

She does beautiful things doesnt she? I love the last one! Your quilting always inspires me especially the flowery ones!

I have yet to become a groupie of one particular designer but I'm leaning towards Sandy Klop at the moment. Im about to make my second quilt from her inspirational designs (and to use my first pattern ever which could be an utter disaster...)

Thanks for linking up to FTF Amanda...you even beat me this week !

Karen said...

They are beautiful Amanda. I love Pat Sloan and Sue Spargo.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts. I don't read Pat every day, but I did follow her tips to reduce your UFOs last year.

Marg said...

I have heard of Pat Sloan and am now going to admit I haven't really taken much notice of her work before, but after seeing your post I'm going to take a good long look.

Thea said...

I don't know Pat Sloan but the quilts are really nice. I'll have to check her out!

Seams Inspired said...

Wow! She has so much creativity and drive! I can see why she's a favourite, Amanda. Your quilts are beautiful. They are truly works of art. Thanks so much for sharing. Since I'm a wannabe quilter, I had not heard of Pat. I'm off to check her out. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love that MaMa's Garden, no wonder you fell in love with it as well! And doesn't it look so different in the different fabrics.....I will have to go and check Pat Sloan out now!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, great FTF! I love that first MaMa's quilt you showed. I must check out Pat Sloan. Thanks for the lovely recommendation!

xo -El

PatSloan said...

Thank you for sharing all my quilts!