06 March 2011

The needle is at the ready and I am stitching up a storm

On Friday I got a wonderful parcel of goodies from Sarah for some stitching.  While I was waiting for this to arrive I finalised the sketch that I was working on Thursday until I was happy with it.  

The template is finished and I transferred the pattern to the background fabric, last night I started stitching.     This little guy is nearly done.  I forgot how wonderful Cosmo thread is to sew with.  I haven't done any embroidery for so long, fingers are a bit sore today, but they will toughen up (they will have too there is a lot of stitching to be done).  

While I was waiting for supplies I copied the sketch and painted it ready to be uploaded to Spoonflower which is a great site where you can upload images and print them on fabric.  Going to do a little bit more playing with the images and print up my own fabric down the track when I have a minute.


Leanne said...

When are you not stitching up a storm!!!!!!!!
Where do you find these site?

Shay said...

Your bee is so cute Amanda! I love Spoonflower and one of these days I'm going to be creative enough to print my own fabric !

Claire Gale said...

ah i love this little dude, such a cute little bee. a friend at our stitch n bitch group is embroidering a quilt full of different bugs for her little boy. it's so gorgeous, i'll take some pictures in a post for you to see.