04 April 2011

Great Weekend

The weather in Adelaide is divine at the moment, not hot but lovely sunny mild days.

We headed to the beach late yesterday afternoon, as my Husband says "It may be the last good weekend we get!" Now the kids are a wake up to it "You always say that Dad".  I don't know who enjoys building the sandcastles more, I suspect it is hubby.

And of course after Dad has made the sandcastle the kids have got to jump on it before we leave for home.  

Finished a project for Sarah today, didn't manage to start the next one but I do have two days off in a row this week and not much booked in, so I will be able finish that this week.  Finished quilting my Jelly Square Quilt, and have put on the binding.  


Thea said...

looks like you had a wonderful time .. not many people on the beach either!

Anonymous said...

That does look lovely - wonderful sand for the castles.

Shay said...

Hasnt the weather here the last few days been glorious! I hope it last another week or two.

Looks like you made the most of it.

Leanne said...

It sure has been amazing weather.....how is the baby? Will I see you tomorrow.