15 July 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite thing this Friday is giggles and puppies.  Coco the wonder dog is now able to keep up with the kids most of the time and the rough and tumble that has been happening around here has been hilarious.   Squid and the puppy run through the house making so much noise I am almost happy to go to work to get a break lol.  Although my son is happy to play fetch and run and take coco for walks but I think the coco/squid bond is a bit different.  I am quite sure that Coco thinks Squid is a puppy and they roll around on the floor together play fighting and playing hide and seek under one of my quilts .... don't know that I like that bit few too many teeth involved.

Squid's hands are covered in scratches at the moment from Coco's remaining milk teeth, but Squid is giving as good as she gets as she rolls around on the floor with the dog or carries her around like she would carry around a favourite teddy bear (under the arms around the chest).  All this with Coco totally relaxed and accepting of the treatment and always coming back for more.

Last night I think Coco was happy for Squid to go to bed there is only just so much playing a puppy can take before it starts to take its toll and she just plonked down at my feet when she was safely tucked into bed.

Both the kids were up at 6.30am and we have already had round 1 of wrestle mania/hide and seek under the quilt... but now all three are tucked up watching kids tv.

Loving all the giggles and hardly any fights because of it this school holidays.

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Leanne said...

Wonderful post it's how life should be. Lucas was a similar age when we got Molly. He still has the scars.

thea said...

How wonderful! What a great favorite!

Marg said...

A new puppy, how cute, sounds like the kids absolutely adore Coco.

Shay said...

I'm ahuge believer in kids having a pet and Squid and Coco sound like life long friends!

This was such a happy favourite post. I lovved reading about the chnages Coco has brought to your house. Thanks for sharing this one Amanda.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great FTF. Kids and puppies just somehow go together.

Kate said...

I could hear the shrieks and giggles as I read your post. Great favorite!