27 September 2011

15 minute challenge

If you averaged it out I would have rompt it in again this week but I had to admit I had a bit of a holiday yesterday from this.

I am a hopeless Sci-fi/Fantasy reader and I have been reading a trilogy by Robin Hobb and I am up to the last book and I decided that instead of doing this in front of the Brownlow Medal Count last night I would  go to bed a read for a few hours ..... to midnight actually until I couldn't keep my eyes open any more .... the book is calling but I had better not do it again tonight only 100 pages left.

Back to sewing.... the block is just over half way there.   Its a bit of a hard slog as the end of the needle sliced another cut in my finger half way through the week. Can't wait to finish this block because then I can start putting it all together.

This week is the week from hell at work so I am hoping I am not to tired to fit more sewing in.   I am expecting a call from my boss to head in today fingers crossed he doesn't need me, but it will only mean that tomorrow will be worse.  Oh well.

At least next week will be school holidays and I will have a bit more time in the morning to sleep in if I need to.  

To find out how everyone else went on the challenge head on over to Kate's place.


thea said...

The block is looking terrific .. very nice work.

Kate said...

The block is looking terrific. I hope your finger isn't too sore.

It's too bad we have to work to support our hobbies, think of all we could get done if we didn't!

FloS said...

How I can understand you !!! I'm a Robin Hobb fan too !!
I love all her books !! What are you reading ???

Shay said...

Your poor fingers!

I think you're just teasing us now with sneak peeks of this project because we're all desperate to know what it is. Looking good though.

I DO average my 15 minutes out because some days I sew for hours and others I don't touch my projects!

Vanessa R said...

Block is looking fantastic - the more I see, the more I like it!

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I have a similar problem. Do I read, draw zentangles or sew? I try to do a little of each every day. But, I'm retired so I haven't any excuse not to get things done.