06 September 2011

Show Day

The kids had a day of school yesterday for a "Show Day".  We went to the new SA Leisure Swim Centre at Marion instead.  My son was looking forward to going on the slides all day but when we got there apparently they are only open on the weekend.  The face dropped... with a stern "Don't Start" look from me we headed into the pool area.

3 hours later I had to drag them out seems its pretty fun even without the slides (which are $2 a ride).

They don't have the inside slide fully functional while lessons were on so we had an hour of medium fun.  You can still slide down the slides etc.  Then at 11.50 they turned the whole thing on.  It had fountains, water guns and a couple of slippery options and walls and walls of water.   As the bucket filled and started to tip the kids came running in ready for it all to come tumbling down.   Don't know who had more fun me (watching them and taking videos on my phone) or the kids.

I know where we will be heading next pupil free day.


Leanne said...

That does look fun. It is just up the road from Gemma's.

Kris said...

And down the road from my Molly. It sounds pretty good!