15 February 2012

15 Minute Challenge with Kate

Birthday Flowers

I have to really think this week about what I have done.  I have finished the secret stitching project so I must have done something.

The secret stitching project also involved some painting, sanding and glueing so I am including that as well.

Wednesday - secret stitching project
Thursday - secret stitching project + cushion for etsy shop + played with EQ and created templates for new quilt project
Friday - cushion for etsy shop
Saturday - secret stitching project finished
Sunday - finished putting secret stitching project together
Cushion Front 
Monday - No stitching
Tuesday - started tracing appliqué shapes for new design and cutting them out.

The big news of the week is, my BOM has been advertised in the latest Homespun Magazine.  The advert looks really good I hope it brings lots of sales for Sarah.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge


Shay said...

Congratulations on the Homespun advert. It would give me such a thrill to see one of my creations in a magazine.

Looks like you had a great week craft wise. I managed to do NOTHING!

Kate said...

Congrats on the Homespun advertisement. Very cool indeed! Wow, you are published, hope you celebrated.

Great week on the sewing front too, 7 out of 7 days. Thanks for linking up.

Pat said...

You've been busy! Keep up the good work.