04 May 2012

Favourite Things Friday

Yippy it is the weekend, and I can relax a bit....  hopefully it will be the kind of weather where I can just snuggle down with the heater and a couple of video's and stitch my free time away.

This post has been interrupted by kids expecting to have tea, picking up hubby from the bus and hurry up why isn't tea ready maestro has to go to Karate from hubby.   So back to the important stuff.

My favourite thing this week is this brooch which was my Nanna's, it isn't an heirloom just an old glass brooch, the pearls are actually some she glued in from an old necklace (using araldite which was her glue of choice she was a really fixer upperer and makedooer), it was her favourite brooch after all and I think she wore it out most days.

Everytime I look at it I think of her, she has been gone over 21 years (she died 3 months before my mum did) but I still remember it and her wearing it.  I have all her jewellery boxes and I have a bit of a rummage sometimes and find something to wear.

I have a long cardy and I use it to pin the front closed.

I have a stitchery to trace and some stitching to start doing, so I will catch up with everyones FTF later in the weekend have a good one and head on over to Mrs P to see what everyone else's favourite is this week.


Shevvy said...

Lovely. So nice to have something to connect with those that have left us.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Oh, that's quite pretty and frankly, an heirloom in it's own way.

ANudge said...

Beautiful broach, beautiful memories.

Kate said...

It's a lovely brooch. I have something of my grandmother's and it always makes me feel like I still have her with me when I wear it.

thea said...

That's a very wonderful brooch .. something so special to remind you of your grandma.

Shay said...

The brooch is wonderful because it reminds you of your Nanna. I have a few things from my Nanna including one of her wedding rings and I always think of her when I wear it.