11 July 2012

15 Minute Challenge

This week I have probably done hours a day instead of just 15 minutes.  I have been doing 2 hours minimum most nights.  I love doing satin stitch but it is really labour intensive.  There was also the day of sewing with Nicole, and I finished the bag on Monday night so add another hour or so there.  So this weeks challenge was smashed out of the ball park.  As I have set a pretty steep deadline for this next project I will probably be smashing the challenge for a few weeks to come.

The week went something like this:

Tuesday: stitching
Wednesday: stitching
Thursday: stitching and playing with EQ to get design nutted out (still need to play some more probably with real fabric)
Friday: stitching, cutting out bag for class on Sunday
Saturday: stitching
Monday: bag finished, stitching
Tuesday: stitching

And now for some pictures:

Here is my 2nd project for Xmas in July.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge this week.


Sue said...

Love the look of your stitchery project and the bag is fabulous as is the cushion .... well done!!! Hope to see you tonight and maybe some of those projects in the flesh? Pictures never really do them justice. Cheers S

thea said...

The stitching is great! and I love the bag and the Christmas in July probect. So very productive!

FloS said...

Your satin stitch is absolutely splendid !!

Shay said...

Yep you smashed it for sure. I love that bag even more seeing it like that , and everything else looks fantastic!

Kate said...

Sorry I missed this post last week, I wasn't home much. Love your stitchery projects and the bag. You had a great week, but I'd bet your fingers were a tad sore.