18 July 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I'm Late  I'm Late

Today has definitely been one of those days, nothing majority bad just a series of small incidence that have just made me really glad to get home and hopefully pick up the hoop and stitch tonight.

The week kinda went like this:

Wednesday: stitchery
Thursday: stitchery
Friday: stitchery
Saturday: stitchery
Sunday: Vintage Glass Baubles
Monday: stitchery
Tuesday: a couple of mini blocks to go with stitcheries

The glass baubles are my final Xmas in July project, it was totally not related to any sewing but was super easy and the end results look pretty cool when they are hung on mass.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge this week.


Shay said...

The vintage baubles look soooo cute. Ive been talking about making some of those for three years . Maybe I'll actually get to it this year!

Hope your Thursday is all plain sailing!

Kate said...

The vintage baubles are very pretty. Fun idea. Great week on the stitchery front, you must have made a lot of progress. Hope your day got better.