10 October 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Another week of school holidays, we travelled down the coast to visit my friend so she could take some better shots of my quilt as it is going to be advertised in a magazine.  The day was really bright and sunny but the wind was proving to be a bit of a problem.

My day job has been a real pain in the butt this holidays, the end of September is always really busy and this year was the worse yet.  This year the school holidays were a week early which meant I couldn't have any time off and this year I worked a heap of extra hours.  Squid decided to lay a guilt trip on me this weekend which has left me pretty flat, and it caused a flood of memories of my Mum who never was able to have time off during the holidays and similar guilt trips that I would have sent her way.

The pattern writing continues and I am finalising all covers, templates and the final drafts.  Sarah will be running it again.

I have also been working on a pattern for another online event which will be announced soon.  I picked up some fabric yesterday to do another version of the items but until November it is all ...

Time for the run down.

Wednesday: pattern writing
Thursday: pattern writing
Friday: another project for December
Saturday: Top Secret project
Sunday: Top secret project 
Monday: December project
Tuesday: December project

Head on over to Kates to see who else met the challenge


Kate said...

The little ones can be really hard on you when they have time off and you don't. I always hated that, DT could be really upsetting at times. I once offered to quit working when she was about 8. My Guy sat down with her and talked about how life would have to change, that all of us would have to give up certain things, in her case private school. When she realized what two incomes meant to the family, she dropped a lot of the drama about me working. Not that she doesn't still whine sometimes, but she has quit the quilt trips.

Sounds like you've got exciting stuff going on in the next few months.

thea said...

It's tough being a mom. My youngest, for about a year, aked me every morning,"do you have to go to work today?"

Great week!

Shay said...

Miss P used to do that to me too...the reality is that we working parents suffer from terminal guilt. I agree with what Kate said though. I used to have the same chat with Miss P occasionally.