27 February 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I did pretty good this week I think there was only one day where I didn't sew.

I have started working on the Starburst Quilt from Kathy's book as well as nearly finished the hand quilting and I am hoping to have that finished by the weekend.  It has been humid here the last few days and the quilting is at a stage where I need the whole quilt on my lap to finish which isn't very comfortable so it has slowed up a pace, however it will be cooler today and I am hoping tonight will be better.

Can't believe it is the end of February already, I'll have a pattern release at the end of the month so pop back and have a look around Thursday.  It might be the only one for a while as I am taking a bit of a forced break while I am studying (passed my first subject so yeah me).

I have 6 of the starburst blocks cut out all except the outer edge, I think I will get the centres all done and then work out what to use to pull the blocks all together with the backgrounds.

I think it is going to end up being very yellow/orange in the end which is a big departure for me but I have decided this quilt is not going to be safe.

Down to the run down the week went like this:

Wednesday:  Coffee with the girls (no sew)
Thursday: quilting
Friday: quilting
Saturday: quilting
Sunday: starburst blocks cut out
Monday: quilting and more fabric came in the post and I cut out the blue block in the first photo.
Tuesday: quilting but not much because it was just too hot.

How'd you go this week.  Kate has a wrap of the month today.


Shay said...

Starburst looks amazing. All those points look perfect. I love the fabric combos.

Looks like you had a great week!

Marti said...

I love your starburst blocks. They are going to make a stunning quilt. Six days sewing is great in my book.

thea said...

The starburst blocks looks great! nice week!

Kate said...

Beautiful blocks! I just started a quilt that will have a lot of orange in it. It'd definitely a color that's not in my comfort zone.

Great week. Hope your weather turns a corner soon and you get some milder days showing up.

make.share.give said...

Your starbursts are really pretty. The curvy edges look challenging.

Erica said...

Which book is this Starburst Quilt from Amanda??? I just LOVE it!