15 February 2013

Favourite Thing Friday

I was going to do a different FTF this week but because it is a bit late and I wasn't organised I will leave it for another week... when I will probably be less organised.

The great sewing room cleanup is complete and I can now go back to creating in there more than just a mess.  The one thing this week that has got me through all the clean up is my Favourite Thing this week.  It was a birthday present.

I have been wanting to get a digital radio for a while now and hubby and I went shopping to look for one and then I saw one with an ipod dock and I thought I would get the best of both worlds.  I found this little Sony number in a few shops but I decided I didn't quite like the price tag, it was around $200.  I said to DH before we jump in let me do a little research online. I ended up finding it for sale for $118 with free shipping.

It is now sitting pride of place on the cupboards in my sewing room, and I have the choice of radio stations or listing to my music collection.  Today I downloaded Lisa Mitchell's and Sarah Blasko's latest albums and I mixed them into a playlist with Babel and Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons.  Out in my sewing room there is no one to complain about my selection of music and if I want to listen to Triple J or Triple J Unearthed I can.

The Boss texted me this afternoon to say the wheels had fallen off at work and I had better bring a hip flask to get me through Monday OH WHAT JOY, glad I am feeling relaxed today.

Head on over to Mrs P to see what her favourite for the week is.


Kate said...

That's a great favorite. I use my computer to listen to Pandora in my sewing room. In order to have mercy on My Guy's ears, he bought me (and DT) really nice speakers that hook to the computer. I use mine all the time. DT hasn't even taken hers out of the box.

Shay said...

I can just see you sitting in your studio belting out the tunes and singing along.

Great favourite.

Everyone bags the choice of music I have on my Ipod too...that just makes me play it louder through the speakers. And sometimes to really annoy them I sing too!

thea said...

I don't have one of those, yet. How wonderful to have it and to have gotten it on sale too! Very nice!

Leanne said...

New technology is always good. Can just see you sewing and singing.