22 March 2013

Favourite Thing Friday

I got my favourite thing this week this afternoon.  I have had a very quick flick through and I need to sit down and have a thorough read this evening.  The boys will be heading out to the footy so it should be pretty quiet around here might have to get Squid a DVD so I will be left in peace.

My Favourite Thing is Apronology a Somerset Studio Publication.  As you can tell from the title it is about Aprons (Aprons with Attitude).  There are no patterns just kind of written instructions about how the designer did his/her thing, but that is probably a good thing because how many aprons can a girl have.  Here are a few pictures of some of the ones that caught my eye the first pass through.  There a quite a few of these layered ones throughout and a few more practical ones as well.

Apron's always remind me of my Nan, she always had her apron on(full fronted apron which crossed at the back at the neck and did up with a button) if she was in the kitchen or doing the housework.  I might have to design myself a few similar for when the new kitchen is installed and I feel more inclined to cook with and oven and cook top that I have a bit more control off.

I'm sure Mrs P has something suitably impressive for FTF this week so head their next.  ps. just read it and she does.


thea said...

Never been an apron wearer but I've ruined so many shirts with an oil splat that I may have to convert.

Lisa said...

I still have the beautiful apron you embroidered my name on all those years ago. It hangs in my kitchen. I love the apron on the cover, you'll have a great night's reading!

Katie said...

I love aprons!

Marti said...

I've been threatening to make an apron for years. Like thea I have ruined many a shirt. I like the ruffled ones; that first one is a beauty.

Shay said...

LOVE this post Amanda. I'm a huge fan of aprons (who knew there was a whole book dedicated to them!)

A friend made me one a couple of years ago and I wear it all the time. Bought myself a pattern and still haven't made one up! I really must rectify that.

Fantastic post. Loved the little bits of eye candy. I love ruffles.

Kate said...

I pretty much love anything published by Somerset Studio. Very fun post.