29 March 2013

Favourite Things Friday

Did you like me use Google Reader to keep up with your list of blogs, I lamented its demise and quickly went about searching for a replacement.  I found Google reader a bit weird at times on the ipad/iphone but liked using it on the computer it was easy to get all  my reading done quickly but I probably didn't realise how much it customised what blog feeds it was putting up until I found my Favourite thing this week.

See the problem with google reader is that it pushed those blogs that you read often to the front page, which is ok you can just go down the side bar and select the blogs you want to read but I have a lot of blogs that I like to read and well if have missed out on quite a few over the months.  There is also those bloggers that only put a summary of their blog on the feed so you don't get to see all the feed unless you get out of reader to read the blog.

So back to the search.... Google gave a couple of products to try basically I found they were crap for reading blogs they were more for news reading the various American News services,  sorry just not interested and I couldn't work out how just to get to the blogs it was just to flashy for little old me.... and I am not a technophobe and embrace most new technology with gay abandon.  So the search continued and then Janelle's daughter put up a blog post about the blog reader she used and I thought I would give it a go how bad could it be.  So I gave Bloglovin

Got to say I love it.  I have found old blogs that I had forgotten about, even those pesky bloggers that only give you a sample are catered for.  Each blog entry gives a summary and you just click on it to go to the actual blog not just the blog post so you get the full blog experience.  You can make a comment and then when you close the window you pop straight back into bloglovin and that feed is marked as read.

The main blogs in the summary feed are the most recent blog posts not ones that you have read recently so I have rediscovered quite a few gems that I had forgotten about.  And the import of my google reader went really smoothly and it was all set up so quickly and I have just loved it from the first.

So that is my favourite thing friday this week.  Head on over to Mrs P to find out what everyone else's favourite is this week... though she might be having a lye in this morning.  


Pip said...

I'm loving Bloglovin as well, hopefully they get an app out for the ipad soon then my blog reading world will be complete :)

thea said...

One problem I'm having with bloglovin is on some blogs I can't comment (like yours). I think it's because the comments are on a separate page -- is there a setting I need to change in bloglovin? and another question -- do you know how to add a new blog?

Nice favorite though -- specially since we're all goig to need to change.

Kate said...

I'm giving Bloglovin a go, not sure I'm thrilled with it yet and I'm still looking to see what else is out there.