15 September 2013

Another Week has Flown By

I really hate September it is our busiest month for the year at work, and the weeks are going by  a blur.  Hoping for a couple of days off in October, but I haven't had a moment to put in my leave form so I might be in trouble on the home front.

I've just submitted the 2nd to last subject in the study I am doing.  One more subject and a 2 questions to answer on another subject and it is done and there is 2 months to go till the deadline.  The plan is to get them all done as soon as possible so that I can get on with life.

As I said its been another full on week.  Squid had a Celebration for all the kids that took part in the Science Award at the school and everyone got a cool medal for participating.  Here's Squid telling the Principal one of the things she learnt about energy.

Wednesday was Show Day for the kid's so I moved my day off and DH had the day off as well and we all headed to the Show.  I think the Show is a total waste of money but DH thinks differently, and you haven't been to the show unless you have gone on the rides, I don't do rides... Squid got sick of DH asking her if she wanted to go on rides and Maestro went on rides with DH until he was ready to vomit (the Gravitron tipped him over the edge luckily DH didn't go on that one otherwise I would have 2 basket cases on my hands).  I did manage a 10 minute look in the craft hall though, there were some fantastic quilts this year.

On the crafting front, I have managed a heap of these flowers (only 2 more to go) and 1 house for my Wendy Williams BOM, yesterday I cut out Squid's Teen Seasonal Coat and have completed another journal page.

Today we are heading out to the annual City to Bay Picnic (I don't think anyone who goes now actually does the run anymore) but we have a nice BBQ afterwards and a catch up with old friends that we don't see often. Its been raining since about 6am but it looks like it is clearing so we might be fine for this afternoon.


Cardygirl said...

Sounds busy but fun there, loving the wooly circles!

Leanne said...

Gemma and Lucas did the city to bay and I would have done it with them if I hadn't been away. Well done on the show.

Shay said...

Love your latest project - they look like a lot of fun to make.

Im with you on the show- since we are now kidless in this house we give it as miss most years and I cant say Im devastated by not going. Give it a few years and the kids will want to go with their friends and you'll be free from show duty.

Have never done the City to Bay (picnic or the run - Im not completely mad )

Hope work gives you a moment to put in that leave form !

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a really busy September. Hope you got your forms in for your leave. I'm taking two days off in October, DT has to have her wisdom teeth out.