26 October 2013

Another Week Whizzes By

This week wasn't quite as busy as last week but it was still full on and the top it off the kids came down with a virus.  First Squid, then Maestro Thursday and yesterday... it was the 24-48 hour kind so they are back on track for the weekend and off to tennis this morning.

Maestro got selected to play all 4 days in the SAPSASA Tennis Carnival in a couple of weeks, so I am getting a couple of days off work to play taxi.  Might get a bit of stitching done on those days in between session.  His club is hosting one of the Divisions but unfortunately we get to drive to the other side of town which means a 7.30am start to get there in peak hour traffic.    Should be interesting getting him moving at that time of day.

I made a start on my final assignment for study and am just waiting from feedback from one person and then I can send that off and don't have to think about that again.  Note to self  remember to read the fine print next time and only go for courses that are a day in length in future to keep my 6 hours of training up to date.

With all the running around I haven't done much stitching, apart from a little Thursday and Friday night.  But I did call in to the quilt shop on the way home yesterday and picked up a couple of metres of Tulla Pink Fabric that I wanted to fussy cut for some diamonds.  Putting fabrics with it is proving a little difficult at times but its fun to play and Squid was putting her 2 cents worth in last night which was proving very distracting.

Need to cut lots more diamonds out to get a better feel, and need to raid the stash a bit more to find some that fit.  Think I'll use those that I discard on the back though I probably have the perfect Voile for the back... decisions decisions... probably shouldn't jump the gun quite so quickly worrying about the back yet.

I'll leave you with a picture of Coco who has just had her first summer haircut.  Poor thing really suffered last week when we had that warm day.  I think this is the shortest she's been but her hair is so thick I don't think she will feel the cold so much.  She feels like crushed velvet at the moment.  She looks pretty bony after a cut, I try to keep her lean and make sure the kids don't feed her any rubbish as I don't want any preservatives to creep into her diet because of her allergies that flair at this time of the year.  She has been doing lots of walking lately as well which has trimmed down any winter fat as well.

Catch you next week.


Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing your new project. Glad that you found a bit of time to stitch.

Viruses aren't fun, glad it was as short lived one and that the kids are back at it. I do sympathize with all the running. DT tried out and made the high school swim team, so she has 6 AM practices twice a week. Club volleyball tryouts are next week. Thankfully, we'll only have a month of overlap between the two sports! On the bright side, she's too busy to get into trouble. On the down side, so is her Mom.

Leanne said...

Coco is looking very regal. I love how Honey feels when she is cut short.

Shay said...

Glad to hear you got in a bit of sewing time. Sounds crazy busy at your house as always.

Miss Coco looks beautiful and so ready for Summer. Is that the doggie equivalent of us getting waxed to get ready for Summer?