15 November 2013

You would think

That without the phone and the internet I would have plenty of time to just be creative but that hasn't been the case.   I seem to not have much time at all.

Last week Maestro participated in the SAPSASA Tennis Carnival playing for Western District.  He won 6 of his 7 singles matches and 2 of his 7 doubles matches.  He had a fantastic time and enjoyed mixing with a new bunch of kids while playing tennis.  It was a totally different experience to club tennis and it gave him a bit more enthusiasm for the game.

The team came equal 2nd in their Division.

I'm working on Marquee Diamond Quilt at the moment, there is one fabric that I think I will swap, and I have to cut the edge shapes and then I will be able to sew all the rows together.  

This weekend Squid and I are planning to head to the Boutique Life Design Market at Belair.  

Telstra tell me they plan to install the new cable to my house on Tuesday… can't say I am holding my breath on that one.  


Shay said...

Congratulations Maestro.

Have fun with your weekend Amanda. Im sure if my internet was not functioning I'd probably go nuts.

Kate said...

Congrats to Maestro. Hope you and Squid enjoyed your M/D time.