26 January 2014

BOM as Digital Downloads

This is my BOM from a couple of years ago.  I've been working to convert the patterns to digital downloads so that I can load them up onto my Etsy site.  It has taken a while because the kids are playing Minecraft non stop during the holidays and it sucks the life out of our internet connect (which is not great at the best of times) so its taken a while to load the 10 patterns (30 odd files) but they are all done now.

The great thing about having this BOM as a download on Etsy is that if you only want one or 2 of the blocks that's fine... If like me you take years to do a BOM you don't have to have the patterns all lying around just purchase them when you want to and download to your computer and print them off.  And the other good thing is that once you have paid you can download the patterns for yourself and don't have to rely on my dodging internet connection being up and running for me to email them to you.

So take the plunge if you are new to BOM $5 a month/pattern is pretty cheap.

1 comment:

Kate said...

It's a lot of work to get stuff formatted and ready. Hope the patterns do well as digital downloads.