15 March 2014

Getting Serious

As you can see I have been working with my pieces from last week.  I did mess up on a couple of the cutting sizes but they are mistakes that can be fixed and I have extra fabric to put it right.  The first 5 blocks look pretty good.  Loving the pop of colour against the grey.

My original fabric selections arrived but I have fallen so in love with this version  I think I will keep those for another version of the same quilt.... may be a cot size.

I am changing a few things behind the scenes at Seabreeze Quilts and hope to bring a new look to the blog and Etsy Shop in the not too distant future.  Stay tuned.

My testing the waters with big cartel hasn't been all that fruitful so have cut back the shop to just sell those patterns which are of the paper variety which couldn't be converted easily to pdf.  As Etsy has instant downloads now and a few more features in the wind I think that is the way to go.



Pip said...

love what I'm seeing so far , the grey is working really well with the colours

Shay said...

That gorgeous riot of colour against that beautiful background is going to really make those blocks pop!

Looking forward to seeing your changes too.

Leanne said...

As always you come up with some amazing stuff. Love the brights with the grey.

Kate said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Glad to see that you've gotten back into the sewing room.