05 January 2015

First Finish for the Year

I've been busy the last week or so since Christmas.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would probably seen my progress over that time.  As usual I always underestimate how long these things will take and I also got a bit enthusiastic about the quilting while watching/listening as I sewed some Crafty classes by Angela Walters on machine quilting.

Initially I was just going to stipple allover and then I had a play and decided I would incorporate a few different patterns which probably would have been alright if I had made those patterns a bit bigger but I tend to do small patterns more easily.  So 2 spools of Aurifil thread later and quite a few hours at the machine the first quilt for 2015 is finished.

The fabric is Tula Pink's Moon Shine with a couple of other fabrics thrown in.  

I will be teaching this quilt at Patchwork by Sea this year.  The class is the Beginners Skill Builder Class and it follows on straight from the Beginners Class each term for the first 3 terms of the year.    The idea being that students complete a simple quilt from start to finish in the Beginners Class and then move on to this class which teaches more techniques that allow students to complete more complicated blocks.  Each week students will learn a new technique and then they will have 2 blocks to complete that use that use that technique.  In the final week we will look at different ways to set the blocks into a quilt and change the fabric placement so that the block looks different.  

I am really excited about teaching this class as most of the students last year wanted more at the end of the Beginners Class and I think this quilt will tick all the right boxes.  


thea said...

Congrats on your first finish!

Kate said...

It's a fun quilt and wiil be great practice for your students. Congrats on the first finish of the year.