27 April 2016

Questions About Borders - Flowers for Alison

I have had a couple of questions on Facebook and Etsy about the borders for Flowers for Alison.  The various options you can try are listed in the Border Option sheet which you can download from the BOM page on the blog and is an automatic download on the Pattern for month 7 when you purchase the pattern.  I have had to keep the listing as 7 separate patterns as there are so many files to download and it is easier that way.  The total cost for all the Patterns is $21  which I think is pretty reasonable as there is a lot of work involved.     Please note that my borders are mitred but I haven't given instructions to mitre the border as this is the first time I have done it and I am in no way and expert.  There are tutorials on the web.

There are no templates for the borders as these are templates that have been used in the centre of the quilt.  The vase from block 1 and the bowl from block 7 are in the corners and just use your favourite flower templates to fill in the spaces.  The vines are made using 12mm, 9mm and 6mm Clover Bias makers.  

The vine placement is really organic.  I just put the border on the ironing board put dots of roxanne glue on the bias and ironed the bias trip down just curving it this way and that.  I put down the basis then add the flowers, if I though there was a bit too much of a gap or not enough flowers in one section I simply added a bit more vine stem and stuck another flower on.

The original intention of the BOM was only for the centre section of the quilt which was how I ran the last BOM and then gave you options for how to finish the quilt.  This has come about because I never want to make a BOM the same as the original and I figure other people might be the same.  This time there are options for smaller sized quilts as well as the original which will be queen size.  There are also instructions for cutting the borders if you have directional fabric or if you are happy to have joins.   My next BOM will be run similarly.

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Kate said...

Wow, those borders are prefect for that center.