06 June 2018

Holiday is over and the cold reality of going back to work has hit home

 I been back just over a week and I really loved my time away but getting back to work has been hard and pretty unforgiving.  But first to the end of our holiday.

It was wonderful I came back revitalised and with all my sewing mojo ramped up.  Here are the hand pieced blocks I managed.

3 are from pretty circle game, 1 is Glitter which I am going to be doing in red creams and blues.  And 1 is a delilah block.

I also half basted a quilt but gave up because the table top wouldn't allow me to stretch the backing sufficiently for machine quilting,  so I will either start again finish basting the 2nd half.

We ate out most nights.  Sewed every day and plan to do it again next year. There are a couple of things we might do differently (like not bring so much food).  But we had such a great time, we all had our own space to relax in if we needed a break and I don't think anyone got anyones nerves at all.

Since returning to work it has been crazy.  My boss heads overseas for a month today and I’ve been working lots of hours to get the majority of Junes and half of July’s work done.  It’s done now and I feel less stressed but it kinda took the fun out of the holiday.  The work stress is starting to affect my health so there is going to be some reavaluating in the coming months.

I did reach 10 years the other week with the company and I was given a very expensive watch which is beautiful, but it has just made all the above that much harder as now I feel guilty about needing to rethink things.


Kate said...

Glad that you had such a fun time on your holiday. Sounds like you got a chance to get back some sanity and then lost it all when you went back to work. Hopefully work will calm down some and things will be more manageable.

dono jono said...
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