23 June 2007

Big Change

The carpet went down yesterday wow and the house actually is beginning to look like a house instead of an op shop. Unfortunately while all this was happening a had a recurance of an inner ear problem, I am hoping it was just an infection but I have bouts of this in the past and I suspect in has come out of remission and I may be woosey for some time to come. At least now I know a nice ENT so that will be half the battle. My husband and I stayed up and put our bedroom back together we shifted everything around which may be the reason why I am so disorientated today (crossing my fingers). I decided to put in a picture of my Pat Sloan COF 2005 quilt which has been hanging on the wall in the quilt shop for over 12 months and I finally bought it home and decided it could go on the bed for a while

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kristy said...

Hi Amanda, just wanted to say lovely quilt. Great blog too.